Leyla Soleymani

Leyla Soleymani

Canada Research Chair in Miniaturized Biomedical Devices; Associate Professor, Department of Engineering Physics

“A brighter world would be one where people have the ability to fulfill their dreams and reach their full potential,” says Leyla Soleymani, Associate Professor, Department of Engineering Physics.

Soleymani is doing her part to make her hope for the world, a reality. Honoured in 2016 as Canada Research Chair in Miniaturized Biomedical Devices, she is helping to provide faster, more affordable and accessible healthcare services with her research.

Soleymani is developing biosensors, miniature devices that can be used at point of care to quickly and accurately diagnose certain types of cancer and infectious diseases. This low-cost technology will especially benefit under-served populations in Canada and impoverished communities in the developing world.

“Imagine having access to this disease screening technology at the point of need, whether that place is in a physician’s office, a school or an airport,” explains Soleymani.

Her research has already supported the development of a biosensing chip that can identify whether a particular disease exists within the body within just 30 minutes.

Biosensors can also be used for health monitoring. “More and more people are looking at how nutrition can impact their health, or how certain medications are impacting their health. Biosensors can provide this information.”

Soleymani says a key to her success is her passion for her research and she hopes to convey that passion to her students. “I hope that I can show them that I enjoy what I do and I can give that feeling to them – that this is fun and I’m doing it because I believe in it. I think that it’s important for them to have that same feeling.”